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How to leverage well-being benefits to build a stronger business

Join us for a roundtable discussion on the latest findings in employee health and well-being.

With Environics Research, Dialogue surveyed Canadian employees and HR leaders to better understand their challenges and perspectives on today’s workplace. The study shows that:

• Talent attraction, retention, and other staffing issues are the biggest challenge in 2023.
• Leaders and Canadians agree that current mental health benefits are insufficient.
• Leaders face barriers to adopting better benefits, like C-suite buy-in, tight budgets, and the inability to measure outcomes.
• Canadians don’t have the time or budget to put well-being first, and they turn to their employers for support.

We’ve asked HR leaders from top organizations to share their take on these pressing issues. How are these challenges manifesting in their industries, and how do they plan to tackle them? Discover what Canadians really think about their benefits in our latest report:

Meet our speakers:
• Dr. Mike Mousseau, National Practice Leader for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing (Gallagher)
• Dave Tuck, Director, Human Resources (Compensation & Benefits) (Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP)
• Dr. Stephanie Moynihan, Associate Medical Director (Dialogue)
• Sylvain Beauséjour, VP Talent and Culture (Dialogue)
• Heidi Flynn, Director, HR (Digital Extremes)


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